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Nov 12, 2019

How AI is Changing the SEO Industry

Artificial Intelligence is becoming more and more prominent in our world. Not very long ago, the idea of automated content and chatbots were absurd - a machine could never do it better than a human, could it?

Well, that time may be closer than ever, as the complexity of algorithms nears human logic - AI has had a great impact on marketing as an industry, with considerable benefits for the end user.

Automating the delivery of optimized content streamlines the ranking process in a way that was never before possible. By automating content creation, the time spent on the creative process is lowered & the results for the end user is much more consistent.

AI is revolutionizing marketing at a very rapid pace, and SEO is no exception. The development of real-time data aggregation will completely transform the market, read on to get a better idea of how this will go down.

AI Will Change How We Do Marketing

For a long time, marketers have dreamed about how AI could transform their industry. There are an abundance of ways that it could streamline their business. In no time, you will not see marketing services without AI features, SEO is one of the last players in marketing to have AI benefits compared to social media management & ads.

AI Can Improve Keywords

Content writers have every reason to be afraid as it is very likely that AI will render the entire career choice obsolete. As an example, the Associated Press reports that AI writes upwards of 3,000 articles each quarter. A great deal of social media content is written by AI now, too.

In the next few years businesses will be able to use AI to produce content at a rate that humans cannot compete with. Additionally, a computer will be able to research and write about a greater number of industries than most writers can. Taking into account the cost of hiring writers as well as the ability of AI to incorporate higher quality keywords, SEO businesses that use AI will certainly have the upper hand against competitors using traditional agencies.

However, it is beneficial to have a human go over the content to make sure that it's structured & optimized correctly - this is what we do at Ranked. AI is also able to indicate the best keywords to use, the density of keywords needed to rank a site & how to structure the article optimally for Google.

With Ranked, we use artificial intelligence to structure articles based on competitor data & search trends - we are able to find consistencies in competitor content along with the response from Google on specific subjects. This gives our content writers in-depth insight on how to optimize & structure content for Google.

Real Time Data is Becoming Widespread

A huge advantage that AI brings to SEO is the cutting down of time, AI gives businesses optimal keywords as well as an outline of how to optimize their site based on competitor data. With Ranked, you're able to run tests on how effective a search term is in a specific location & time of the year. We also use advanced algorithms to predict future search trends, this gives Ranked clients a huge advantage over other businesses.

AI is truly revolutionizing the SEO industry, agencies will need to decide to adapt to the new norm, or be left behind by businesses that embrace new technology.

At Ranked, we simplify the SEO process by using artificial intelligence. We're not just a software company, we're also a service! Weekly content creation, link building & on-page optimization is all handled by us. Start your free trial today!

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