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Nov 12, 2019

High-Quality Content: Is It Crucial For SEO?

Bill Gates once said, “content is king.” The phrase has been mentioned countless times in the advertising industry and it continues to stand true for SEO professionals today.

Everyone seems to share a similar overall idea of what content is, but the details can get lost in translation. Let’s keep it simple. In terms of SEO, content is how you answer the needs of your clients. It is something that helps you to pursue a higher website ranking aside from strategically integrating components like keywords and links.

A few clever strategic tactics may be able to help improve your rankings, but the content you put on your page is the most crucial part of your efforts. After all, without content, what would you rank for?

Content is what enables communication between site owners and users. If you want to sell your product to customers, a few simple words may not be enough to stand out from the crowd. High-quality content is a building block to help your business prosper. Without quality content, don’t even hope to be ranked on the first page of the Search Engine Results!

Still curious as to why content is so important? Keep reading to find out more!

The Tactical Usage of Keywords is Crucial for SEO

For your SEO efforts to deliver a good ROI, you need to ensure that you reach the right group of people. This, then, begs the following question: How can you attract the right group of clients? You use keywords, of course. Keywords act as filters, sifting through millions of phrases just to match queries with answers. With the use of keywords, you can efficiently target clients and those who have the potential to convert to clients, driving relevant traffic to your site. This not only satisfies the users but also satiates Google. Search engines rank websites by performance as well as by whether or not you can drive the relevant audiences to your site. For this reason, SEO experts should always put time into choosing the right search terms for their site before looking to rank for just anything.

After you’ve specified the keywords you’re looking to rank for (Psst! Don’t know how to do keyword research? Here’s a great beginner’s guide!), the next thing to do is to create content that will help your site show up on the search results when someone looks for something relevant. Now is when the importance of content writing really comes into play. Without content, it is almost impossible to search and rank for pertinent keywords. Content ensures that the relevant users are able to find what they’re looking for. In this case, that’s (hopefully) you. If you are looking to maximize your target audience’s satisfaction by providing them with what they need, the only way to do so is with the strategic creation of content.

Social Validation: Collective Reaction Matters

There’s no doubt that social validation plays a part in how people make decisions and take actions. Psychologically, we humans tend to think relatively. We rely on one another's perspectives just as much as ours before we take action. Think about it. Have you ever purchased something just because it has been trending? What about visited a restaurant just because the internet showed you that it got high ratings? If so, don’t worry — it’s completely normal. Social validation helps to explain the social phenomenon that occurs when a flock of people behave similarly. In marketing, this phenomenon can act to your advantage. Positive social validation can broaden business opportunities and drive sales from new customers.

The point of all of this is that SEO experts have to think beyond simply generating traffic from something as temporary as social validation. Sure, initiating notability is important, but anyone looking to rank in the long-term must aim for more! SEO experts know that looking for social validation without much to back it up can take a significant toll on your campaign’s overall success. Sure, you could spend your budget on creating mesmerizing ads or extraordinary marketing campaigns that can attract people to your site. If you are unable to deliver value, however, your visitors will leave, never to return.

The only way to create lasting, high-value social validation is to create high-quality content. Good content solidifies your brand’s identity and ensures that your name remains untarnished. Valuable content creates good experiences for your users. Once a person confirms that your site is able to deliver value, other people will follow.

Build High-Quality Backlinks With Content

Have you seen any social media posts or websites that guide you to another site? These links are so-called backlinks that link one site to another. Backlinks are considered integral in the attempt to obtain high search engine rankings. Backlinks can be obtained in two different ways: artificially or organically. An artificial backlink can be created using various inorganic tactics, such as paying blogs to link back to you. Although it may work for a while, this is a bad practice for SEO in the long run as it can lead to you being associated with spam sites.

Wouldn’t it be better to get backlinks from trustworthy sites that truly appreciate what you do? Of course! The first thing to do to get there — produce great content. You can keep your backlinks as natural as possible by creating high-quality content. Protect yourself from bad websites with smart content creation. By doing this, you will be able to generate passive traffic without hurting your webpage. Not only will this help you become recognized by other blogs, but your content will be more validated by Google. High-quality backlinks can be a reliable qualification as your site ranks higher on the search engines!

Google Loves Content!

Google is the search engine that every business dreams of wooing. However, there is no way that you can achieve an impressive ranking without content. Can Google Image rank your images if there aren’t any, to begin with? No! On the same note, content gives Google something to rank. There’s no doubt about it — creating content is vital.

The presence of content offers Google the opportunity to narrow down the answers to the questions or keywords that are being typed into the search bar. It also helps the search engine inspect a site’s quality and improve their ability to present users with the most appropriate answers. Hence, the presence of content is not enough — quality is necessary as well. As a site owner, you need to produce content that the search engines would hunt for in order to give users the answers for their questions.

// Conclusion

At this point, you can probably see how crucial content is for strengthening your SEO performance. Now is the time to remember that SEO is not a segregated part of your site — it is the culmination of efforts that ensure your site is able to answer a need. Without content, you cannot fulfill that goal to become a top site.

When it all comes down to it, a good site is one that is able to deliver a good experience to their clients. There’s no doubt that it can be time-consuming to deliver your products and services while also managing your rankings. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it alone. Here at Ranked, we help you reach your search engine goals by creating content to bring the right audience to you. Start your free trial today!

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