June 2, 2023
“Ranked helped us scale up our SEO against considerable competition.”
Ryan Sandoval
Product Manager
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The challenge: innovate & acquire customers in a competitive market

Every company must innovate to survive – a reality that Logitech knows quite well.

That’s why Logitech got in touch with us. One of their brands, Ultimate Ears was going through a digital transformation strategy to supercharge how they acquire customers & improve organic traffic. Tired of expensive PPC campaigns, it became increasingly obvious that ranking organically was the best long-term strategy.

Their SEO strategy needed a complete overhaul. From target keywords to a detailed content plan, Logitech worked with Ranked to achieve not only a significantly higher ranking worldwide, but to also acquire organic traffic through unique content marketing strategies.

The SEO plan only took 3 months to implement & deliver effective results. Within this timeframe, Ultimate Ears began to see considerable growth on competitive target keywords.

Ranked collects data from over 2000 active clients in multiple locations & markets, Ultimate Ears was able to leverage this to rank for the long-term in multiple markets.

By working with Ranked's outreach team, Ultimate Ears was able to acquire backlinks through guest posts and link placements on high profile media sites, which resulted in acquiring traffic that significantly improved the site's bounce rate & average user time.

As a result, Ultimate Ears was able to achieve:

  • First-page results on target keywords & long tail keywords.
  • Ranked across multiple market locations.
  • Significant bounce rate improvement.
  • Improved sales through unique traffic channels
  • 250% YOY organic traffic improvement

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