Edgeless ODN Installation

Please note: this is a new service for Ranked clients and is being delivered to paid clients only.

An Optimization Delivery Network enables websites to deliver a great experience to visitors. Similar to a CDN, it will load your site quickly, with a few extra perks.

We're now including it for all Ranked clients, free of charge. Here's what you should know.

  • It's a piece of Javascript code that goes in the back of your site.
  • It's a CDN with extra features (Similar to Cloudflare, etc).
  • It allows us to test our optimization via caching before implementing on your site.
  • We can improve your web core vitals and page experience metrics considerably.

Let’s go over the specifics.


If you are interested in having this installed on your site(s), fill out this form here. We'll then be in touch to schedule the installation. It requires us to either have admin access to your site for a few hours, or we can provide the instructions on how you can install it.

1. Fill out this form to have it installed on your site.

2. Wait one to two weeks for installation.

3. We'll submit your site for reindexing and will make sure that your web core vitals improve.

How It Works

It's a Serverless Script, which means that it doesn't affect anything that is core to your website. You can easily remove it at any time.

  • When installed, we process site traffic for you (it acts as a backup to a CDN if you have one already)
  • It improves your web core vital & page experience scores, this helps rankings considerably.
  • It allows us to remotely optimize meta titles, descriptions and schema markups when needed.
  • It minifies file sizes, along with CSS & JS libraries that are shown to crawlers like Google & Bing.
  • It's white labelled for our agency partners, nothing mentions Ranked on the backend of the site.

What to Consider

We only recommend installing this if:

  • You are a long-term client of Ranked. It costs a lot in development time to install and maintain for us, so please make sure you are with us for the long-term. :)
  • You are looking for your site to be in full compliance with what Google wants. This takes out the bulk of the technical work needed for you to be compliant.
  • You are ok with us caching site data on your behalf. We store everything in AWS S3, we don't collect any sensitive data and process a cached version of your site for fast loading.

Harry Strick
Founder & CEO

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