What is Ranked?

Hi! I'm Harry, the Founder & CEO of Ranked.

Ranked aims to be the most effective, transparent and reasonably priced SEO service on the market. I had a terrible experience with an SEO service with my previous business, which motivated me to start Ranked eight years ago.

We thought that if we pair machine learning and genuine SEO practices together to deliver an effective, streamlined service, we could deliver a great experience.

Now that AI has become mainstream, it has been quite the rollercoaster. We are passionate about not using AI for creative content as it's too risky for Google, but it's great for analysis, research and productivity. This allows us to be reasonably priced. It helps our team deliver rankings, backed by a great creative team for content.

How Ranked's Business Model Works

Instead of expensive fees, complicated workflows and long contracts, we:

  • Focus on one singular workflow that Google approves for SEO. No spam.
  • Partner with agencies to white label our service and deliver genuine SEO to their clients.
  • Aim for long-term relationships and an ROI for our clients that is measurable and transparent.
  • No contracts, everything is month to month.

This has enabled us to become a trusted brand for white-hat, compliant SEO.

Our Promise

We promise to get better every day. We are not perfect, as we are human! But, we aim to be the best partner possible for businesses that are looking for a sustainable SEO partner. If you see anything we can improve, please let us know so that we can implement it.

We are service first. Not sales first. You won't be getting pitched to all day and we won't try to offer services you don't need. We'll just do our job and hopefully... you'll like it!

Please feel free to reach out to me at harry@ranked.ai if you would like to chat. :)

Harry Strick
Founder & CEO

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