For Our SEO Services:

For an SEO service to be effective, you must optimize your site. At Ranked, we handle this for you.

If you cannot provide website access, please let us know so that we can prepare a document for you to implement yourself.

We will need access to -

  • Your Website (Editor Access)
  • Google Search Console (Full Access)
  • Google Business Profile (Optional)

For businesses: add   

For agencies: add or create a custom email (e.g for us.

Instructions For Common CMS's

If your platform isn't listed above, don't worry. We support most platforms. Reach out, and we can help.

Google Search Console
  • Click here and go to the Add User' and select the permissions to grant the user. Please add
  • Choose the permission level to grant the user. (Full)
For Our PPC Services:

To link your Google Ads account to our manager account, we need your Customer ID.

You can find your Customer ID at the top of any page in your Google Ads account. It's a unique, ten-digit, three-part number that should look like the following format "123-456-7890"

Once you provide us with your Customer ID, we will send you a link request to link your account to our manager account.

To accept the pending link request, please click here.

Alternatively, you may also accept a pending link request by clicking Accept request in the email invitation to If you have any questions or need further assistance, please click here.

Harry Strick
Founder & CEO

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