Tips On Ensuring That Your Content Is Customer-Centric

February 15, 2023
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Brand visibility has become a buzzword these days, especially with the rise of digital marketing. Making a brand stand out online, though, is different from marketing in real life. It is easy to overspend on marketing and advertising online, especially when competing with thousands of other things that take people's attention. In many instances, content marketing is the most cost-effective way to go. Content contributes to success, and it is a powerful tool for achieving lasting impact. Besides being unique, a startup today must provide better service. If a new company wants sales, they must break through consumers' established behaviors.

Since customers tend to go for their favorites, you have to figure out what it takes to become your target audience's preferred brand. One way to do that is by ensuring that your content focuses on customers. It is easy to say that you value the customers, but being genuinely customer-centric takes commitment. A brand that focuses on its market in everything, from offerings to the content on its website, will achieve consistent, long-term growth. But for content to be appealing, especially for fans and knowledgeable people, you need to establish yourself as a reliable source.

Beyond ranking for the right keywords, you need to convey authority and warmth while providing insights into the most important topics for your audience. Here are things you could do to ensure that you're putting the customer first when writing content.

Ensure That Customers Resonate With Your Voice

Your brand must sound consistent across platforms. It should also be relatable; you want your target audience to keep reading, so it makes sense to write in a way that sounds natural to them. If your market consists of dog lovers, injecting the occasional dog-related pun will be nice, but don't overdo it. After all, being a pet lover is likely not their entire personality. Creating engaging content means knowing what sparks your readers' interest without sounding like you're selling something.

Pin down what makes new readers interested in you. It takes a while to identify what gets people interested, especially since you have to measure your traffic over a period. If you focus on increasing traffic only, you aren't maximizing its potential. Generate demos, trials, and subscriptions for your free offerings using your content. 

These, in turn, lead to sales. Providing the best services and customer retention will generate goodwill for your company, bringing brand recognition. Then, you can reinvest in sales and marketing. Researching new products and innovations in delivering services will make the most of your marketing efforts. Looking at the number of clicks and shares on your posts will give you clues into what topics people like reading.

Take Readers To Your Arena

Thought leaders abound today. There seem to be at least a dozen in every identifiable niche online, all of whom say roughly the same things. It is challenging to compete with established names in your business, especially if they have the resources to created nuanced, long-form posts and you don't. Instead of playing their game, create your own. Fill a gap that only your company can talk about and create articles about that topic. Every business has a specialty. If you've been in your industry for a while, you certainly have insights to impart, whether it is for new customers, brand loyalists, or other companies in your field.

The benefit of writing about things that only you can is it instantly makes you authoritative for Google. Relevant, unique content will be more likely to get your pages a high ranking in search results. Other websites are more likely to link back to your page if you always have a unique view to show about things. Note, though, that you could overdo it by trying to be unique! Keep in mind that anything you write should go back to, "Is this something relevant to the brand's ideal customers?"

Delivering conversions does not happen by luck but through persistence and quality. It is not easy to set up a blog for success today, but it is possible. Pageviews lead to assisted conversions; if you can get people from a blog page to a conversion page, you will see steady returns on your efforts. The more posts you add, the better your traffic.


Quality and consistency are the biggest draws to content from brands. If you have a defined content strategy—with a mission statement, budget, and guidelines for creators—you will reap benefits in the long run. In the end, all of these means you should focus on buyer needs. Allow prospects and customers to be the subject; feature them as the hero of your articles. Commit to producing content that your audience will like while ensuring that your topics aren't run-of-the-mill. Doing this ensures that your readers will keep coming back to your blog.

Ensure that you put your customers first with content from Ranked. We provide fully managed, data-driven SEO that can help you succeed in the long run. Whether you're a local business gearing up for growth or an enterprise looking to connect with your audience, we can help—book a call with our team or activate your account today!