Beyond PPC Ads: Channels For Growing Your B2B Blog Audience

February 15, 2023
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Business-to-business content is highly audience-specific. If you write a general interest blog, there is a good chance your readers will be from a wide range of demographics. However, B2B blogs have a narrow audience, and if they don't know your articles exist, you won't get the traffic your blog needs to grow. Having a strategy for promoting your blog is vital. You should have a promotion strategy for your B2B content; here are channels you can use to drive traffic to your blog.


LinkedIn has more than 300 million active monthly users, more than half of which are in the U.S. Furthermore, 90 million users on the platform are senior- or C-level officers in their companies and 63 million are managers with key decision-making responsibilities. Being on this platform will give a massive boost to brand visibility.

Engage actively with other people on LinkedIn to get your content in front of your target audience. This platform is the best for B2B marketing, and LinkedIn itself has guidelines for people who want to promote their brand through the platform. Get your brand in people's Feeds by writing insights and opinions, creating long-form content and blogs on LinkedIn Pulse, sharing whitepapers of your recent successes, and more.

Email Marketing

Newsletters are a reliable means of reaching your audience, especially if you are a B2B company. However, your email campaigns' reach is only as broad as your mailing list. You need to build up your list to maximize this channel. Consider having a newsletter sign-up box in your articles so your readers can opt into hearing more from you. You can also clearly display your newsletter sign-up box on other pages of your website.

Facebook And Other Social Platforms

Facebook, Twitter, and social networks have a substantial audience you can leverage for promoting your content. Though they don't have the same impact as LinkedIn posts, anything you share through your official page or account will direct traffic to your website.

Posts As Paid Promotions

Besides content marketing, you might also want to consider paid promotion through LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube Ads. You can also use platforms like Quora and Reddit to deliver content to your target audience. Content marketing is not just about organic growth; you can occasionally boost it with well-placed, well-timed promotional posts.

Search Engine Optimization

Any B2B company needs SEO; it should be a cornerstone of your content marketing strategy. When your content ranks highly for keywords that your target audience uses, you don't have to spend to direct them to your website. Every piece of content you write should drive organic traffic; you should incorporate competitive keywords when writing. Get ideas for content and topics by using keyword research tools. There are plenty of free and paid options, so just choose the most convenient one for you.

Reddit, Quora, And Pinterest

Besides Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, you can also use other social platforms to boost your brand. Note that you don't have to be in all of these places, but you should know that they're available for you to leverage. If you know that your audience loves visiting these platforms, you should also look into content marketing through these spaces.

Reddit, Pinterest, and Quora are other platforms where B2B companies and service providers advertise. Reddit has several active communities or subreddits with people who are deeply passionate about specific topics. You can find a subreddit about almost everything, so there is bound to be one for the service or products you sell.

Quora, meanwhile, allows you to provide value to potential leads by answering questions that people ask in their channels. As with SEO writing, your response must be thoughtfully-written, directly address their concern, and offer possible solutions. You should only direct people to your website at the very end of your post.

Finally, Pinterest is a cross between a social networking platform and a place where you can collect inspiration boards. If your service or product leans toward the visual, this is a great place to showcase your offerings while linking people to your website.

Collaborations Or Partnerships

There are various ways you can have a partnership or collaboration with others in your niche. Consider partnering with a supplementary business in your industry; if you supply event styling, for example, you can team up with a caterer and create bespoke packages for clients. You can also collaborate through written content. Run a webinar, host a podcast, put out a joint eBook or white paper, or write a guest blog on your partner company's website. You benefit from being introduced to each others' audience while cutting back on the cost for promotions.


B2B businesses stand to gain from having a consistent content marketing strategy. You do not need to stick with PPC ads to grow your brand; if you take the time to understand your existing customers, you can create content and deliver it through any of the channels discussed. Doing so will show your audience that you know what they like, which is an incentive to keep using your products and services.

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