5 Reasons Your Headlines Are More Important Than You Think

February 15, 2023
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First impressions matter—what you hear, feel, see, or experience the first time you encounter something will influence your opinions on it. It is the same for written work. When you have a poorly-worded title for an article, people will not want to keep reading. Let's take a closer look at the headline, the first point of contact you have with your audience.

Headlines Influence The Reader's Mindset

A headline's phrasing can influence your mindset. It can prime you to think a certain way about a topic, and it can give a preview of the author's stance in the article. A good headline will help you recall details that align with your expectations while you are reading. For example, if you write "SEO Tips For Small Businesses" as the title of an article, you won't give readers anything about the topic. However, if you say, "How SEO Helps SMEs Get More People Through The Door," it's different. You give the reader a preview of the article, tell them how you will deliver value, and attract a specific type of online reader.

Headlines Catch People's Attention

Your headline is the only impression you can make on users online that has an immediate payoff. Headlines influence what people think about your article. When someone likes your headline, they click on your article, which is why it's critical to write headlines that will grab attention. 

Whether you're churning out sales or landing page copy, a blog post, a feature article, a newsletter, or something else, you have to get the headline right. Otherwise, people will not give your writing a second look. People are busy these days, and one way they might keep their lives manageable is by deciding in a split second if they are interested in something or not. For many of them, headlines spell the difference between them reading something and moving on. Your headline needs to intrigue, amuse, or interest your audience.

Headlines Help You Grow Your Readership

Headlines that sound engaging, relevant, and informative will make people want to click your link and read. If they like your article, they will want to come back. They might even share your content with their friends and family. If you know how to optimize your headline, it could help you build a loyal following. You have to think of sustaining people's interest instead of attracting them with one-off articles. When you know how to write your headline, you give a teaser to the audience and encourage them to click. Just be sure to follow through and make your article great!

Headlines Help In Search Engine Optimization

Headlines are the first things audiences see when they read a search engine results page. The higher your link on the SERP, the more clicks you get, so you have to consider keywords when drafting your headlines. If you put relevant keywords in your headlines, it will count towards your ranking. Google puts a lot of weight on how you construct the title tag, so if you are mindful about how you write your titles, there is a significant chance that you'll see your articles high in SERPs.

Headlines Could Help Your Ideas Spread

A headline significantly increases the chance of your content spreading rapidly. Though you cannot engineer virality, you can help encourage it by creating a headline that captures people's attention. Beyond chasing the clicks, though, a great headline is part of what makes an article memorable.

What Else Should Headlines Do?

Content marketers know that headlines should do more than grab the audience's attention. For one, they build a relationship with the audience. If you are consistent with your article titles' quality and follow through with thoughtful content, people will trust headlines from you. If you bring your business' voice into your headlines, it can even be an extension of your brand's personality.

Headlines should also create a sense of urgency. Since you are essentially competing with the rest of the internet for your audience's attention, you have to convince them to spend a few minutes reading your content. You have to imply with your words that people cannot miss your article. It should generate a need for knowledge in your readers. They have to go beyond "why do I care about this?" and reach "I must read about this."

Finally, your headline will have to introduce the message. It is essentially the "first sentence" of your article and will ease the reader into the main idea. The title is also the promise you make to audiences. It is why clickbait articles reel so many people in; they promise so much and are so intriguing that readers cannot help but give in to curiosity.

Note, though, that clickbait is never a good way to write an article, especially if you're trying to build a business. Since you're hoping to sell products or provide services, you have to meet the expectations you set in your articles' titles or your ad copy. Furthermore, Google has cracked down on clickbait in articles, and it has been actively penalizing this kind of writing since 2014.

In Summary: Headlines Help You Convey Your Relevance

Keep in mind that you might not create the best headlines when you're just starting. Even the masters have to revise. Legend has it that the "Father of Advertising," David Ogilvy, once revised a headline 104 times before giving it the greenlight. He believed that the ad copy and the headline are equally important. Since headlines do more than provide a title for an article, Ogilvy certainly knows what he is talking about!

As such, you should spend the same amount of time drafting your headline as you create content. The more you practice writing headlines, though, the better you will get at it, and the more efficient you will be. Though it might seem tedious and unnecessary, writing great headlines will help you deliver a ton of value in a few words.

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