How To Come Up With Unique Content For Your Company Blog

February 15, 2023
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"There is nothing new under the sun," as the saying goes, and marketers are keenly aware of that. All businesses claim that they deliver the best solutions. Yet, they tend to use the same metaphors, phrases, and even images to describe their brand. As a result, they end up saying the same thing about their offerings.

What's more, there is pressure on marketers to come up with content that is both fresh and familiar. How do you put a spin on things, though, without veering too far from the image your client wants to cultivate? How do you develop a unique but accessible content marketing strategy, and why do people chase newness?

Why Uniqueness Matters in Marketing

 Aside from having artistic value, unique messages are also important in analytics. Google says outright that freshness of insights is a ranking factor. They say it is better to post high-quality articles once a week instead of publishing 'thin' content daily. Low-quality daily updates would even result in penalization.

Novelty matters beyond analytics. People like seeing new things, and when you say something fresh, you are bound to develop a following. Keeping people interested should matter to you because it matters to other companies. They are doing whatever they can to keep people using their products and services. This takes potential customers away from your business.

Aside from catching people's attention, uniqueness also convinces people that you are authoritative. When people read fresh ideas from you, they associate these with your brand. As such, it creates a positive feedback loop into your rankings.

The Challenges of Producing Unique Content

Prioritizing uniqueness is easier said than done, though. When you start a new project, campaigns you've seen can influence your messaging and style. You might even think that you came up with it on your own and not take steps to reshape it into something wholly new. This phenomenon happens so often that psychology has a name for it—cryptomnesia.  Although copying happens often enough, you should still strive for fresh, different takes.

Also, most industries have plenty written about them online, making it tricky to find an angle. All the more so if you are a local business competing with several others selling the same products. Finally, the brand must have a voice. Business owners often leave this to marketers or copywriters. Marketers must blend corporate and creative writing when developing a brand voice.

Should You Still Write For A Competitive Niche?

That said, there are still benefits to building a business blog in a competitive niche. Businesses are living through transformations in marketing, and best practices are always changing. What worked for brands five years ago might not work today, and it is on digital marketers to figure out how to adapt.

Building a robust content strategy is the key to having a digital presence. According to Adobe's 2020 Digital Trends Index, a modern marketing organization is agile. It adapts to changing consumer preferences faster, and it leverages AI in workflows.

Adobe's report also states that businesses are moving from brand-centric to customer-centric messaging. Thus, customer experience becomes a priority. There is always room for content when you focus on customers since they have different needs. If you focus on customers, you won't run out of things to talk about.

Also, there is no shortage of local businesses that open every year. Each has a unique selling proposition, and it is up to marketers to surface and present it to customers. A blog will still help these companies, especially in ranking for local search engine optimization.

It is one thing to know that you must do something, though, and another thing to act. Even if you're prepared to write about a saturated market, you might not know where to begin. Finding new topics for blogs is one of the most challenging parts of having a digital presence.

How To Find Topics That People Will Want To Read

If it's difficult for you to come up with topics, you could use methods from other SEOs. Here are some things that have worked for us in the past, which could help you as well.

1. Take inspiration from other sources

First, you could use an idea generator. Our previous post on keyword search tools can help you unearth ideas for articles. What's more, since these are from search tools, you know that people are looking for answers to these.

Ideas can also come from researchers. Following scholars in your field can help you write articles on industry developments. Read journals and news releases about findings. Writing articles on these gives you an advantage since you'll be one of the first to report on it. Readers interested in the industry will appreciate the easy-to-digest format.

2. Interview past clients or customers

Another thing you could do is have a series where you interview users or clients. You can ask them to narrate their experience with your brand; invite them to be as candid as possible. You might even come out of these interviews with an idea for a case study.

3. Create list articles related to your offerings

You can also release roundups of other resources. These provide readers a peek into what keeps your team organized or productive. If you want, you can even suggest things that inspire you like books, shows, or podcasts. List articles like these humanize your brand and make them accessible to others. Also, if people end up liking your recommendations, they will come back to your website for more.

4. Write from your experiences

Finally, do not discount the power of a personal story. One thing experienced writers tell new ones is that they should lean into their memories. 'Write what you know' is not only for creative writers, it is also for marketers. When you write through your experience, you help others in the same boat.

Writing what you know is one way to keep your content original. Other businesses will not be able to duplicate the unique way your mind works, so use that to your advantage.

In Conclusion

Companies today ensure that their content marketing strategy allows their brand to stand out among similar ones online. Even if you're writing for a saturated market, it is possible to carve a niche out for your brand. You only need to know how to position yourself, which means being familiar with the audience. When you know what worries your customers have, you can create posts that will allay or respond to these. If you produce valuable, reliable content, people will come to know your brand as one that they can trust.

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