Why Keyword Research Matters In Growing Your Business

February 15, 2023
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Online marketing can be overwhelming, whether you're a beginner or someone who had worked on traditional campaigns in the past. For one, digital platforms use distinct algorithms, so what might work for you in one place might not in another. Writing SEO-friendly content depends on where you are doing the optimizing.

 Since search engines like Google change their algorithms, businesses need to keep refining their organic content. What's more, search engines do not publicize the changes they make, which leads to ambiguity when optimizing. To an extent, marketers are always guessing whether their practices are still relevant or need to change.

 Take, for example, keyword use. Traditional SEO relies heavily upon keyword research, but many people ask if these phrases could drive traffic to a website. Can the right keywords bring people to your blog or website? Experience says yes; no matter the type of marketing you do or business you have, keyword research helps your website gain a foothold online. Here are some ways it accomplishes this.

Keywords Bring Traffic To A Website

Internet users use specific phrases on search engines when they are looking for information they want. When you include relevant keywords on your website, it becomes easier for users to see your content. Even if you write the best article on a topic, it will not generate interest in your brand if people do not visit your website.

Keywords Make You Stand Out

Online marketplaces are competitive, and brands need to establish themselves. Having an SEO strategy positions your website and ensures that users will want to read your content. The right keywords will help you get to the top of search engine results, which means a greater chance that users will go to your site. Furthermore, when you have a keyword strategy, you can target phrases that your competitors are not or ones for which they have a low ranking.

Keywords Build Your Page Authority

When you use the right phrases or words, it helps build your credibility. Being knowledgeable in a topic is not enough today; people need to see you as a credible source of information before visiting your site. With keywords, your website sounds more professional. It puts people at ease because they read words that tell them you know your way around your industry. Doing this sets you up for confirming their impression and proving your value!

Keywords Improve Your Ranking

If you are a small business with plenty of large competitors, it can be frustrating to build your online presence. It can be challenging to compete with, much less gain the upper hand, on established, well-funded brands. With keyword research, though, you could gain a sizeable audience even in a saturated market. 

You do not need a million customers. You only need a few loyal fans who will keep engaging and promoting your brand. With keyword research, you can have a reasonably sized audience, as long as you maintain a consistent content strategy and develop SEO-friendly content.

Keywords Help You Stay Efficient

When you use keywords, you will have an easier time planning your content. These are especially helpful when you're redoing or refreshing your strategy. When you know the popular keywords in your industry, you can boost your website's reach with them. Also, keyword research clarifies the direction of your content plan, which conserves resources.

Keywords Help You Stay Top-of-Mind

When you produce content for the internet, you know that quality is critical. Search engines give your posts higher rankings and more traffic if they think you provide valuable information to readers. If you want to keep up with others in your industry and sustain your brand's relevance, keyword-enriched content will help you do that. Complement keyword tactics with a long-term evergreen content strategy, and you'll be a familiar name among people interested in your industry.

Keywords Lead To Increased Conversions

With the right keywords on your website, you will attract the right kind of audience. If you know the types of phrases serious customers or clients use, you will get better conversion rates on your posts. 

Provide value in an easily digestible format, and people will be willing to shell out for paid services. Your goal for your blog, social page, or website is to bring in potential customers. Ideally, they would become brand ambassadors for you. Word-of-mouth is still one of the most effective ways to advertise, and getting your customers to recommend your products involves them trusting you. Though keyword use alone does not make a great post, it is a step in the right direction.

Keywords Help You Stay Current

Social media has ushered in a different way of consuming content. Today, the news cycle seems longer but also more intense. Short-lived, fast-paced trends and videos populate news feeds. There's always something new coming up every day, some new product, food item, or experience to try out. The downside to this is most things in the news cycle today will not be as relevant in a few months. So, content producers must keep coming up with fresh posts and articles.

If your brand wants to maintain an image of being fashionable and up-to-date, you can incorporate some of these faddish keywords in your content. If you get the right balance of relying on your brand values and talking about new things, you'll pique people's interest.

You can even break into markets when you know the right keywords to use. Ranking high for specific keywords helps you increase your Google ranking and expand what your brand means to people.

Keywords Give Insight Into People's Needs

The phrases popular with people today won't always be the go-to ones in your industry. Doing site audits and conducting regular keyword research is necessary, especially if you see your rankings start to dip. Perhaps your messaging is off or geared for sentiments or a frame of mind that people do not hold anymore. Searching for the right keywords will help you retain the rankings and audience that you've built.

In Conclusion

Incorporating keywords in a content strategy has always been a steady, reliable way for brands to build their authority and get conversions on their website. If you are a business owner or marketer, doing keyword research on your brand will help you stay relevant while building a strong presence that lasts.

Be secure in your brand's long-term digital content strategy when you partner with Ranked. Our custom SEO solutions grow your business at a sustainable, cost-effective pace; from keyword research to link acquisition, we have you covered. Schedule a call with our team, or activate your account today!