Why You Need Content Writing In An Online Marketing Strategy

February 15, 2023
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Content writing is vital in helping companies build trust with consumers, drive traffic to a website, and increase conversions online. All of these things lead to more business for the company. If you are on the fence about using content writing in your business, here are five reasons why it is a cornerstone in growing a company today, as well as four tips for people who want to start.

Content Writing Is Scalable And For The Long Term

As long as you focus on creating evergreen content, you build your potential to rank in Google for keywords relevant to your industry. As these kinds of posts generate consistent traffic, they will help you move up in search engine results pages. If your content is strong, you will keep getting organic traffic, even years after making your article or video. In contrast, traffic for paid ad campaigns stops when you don't put money into it.

Content Writing Helps You Nurture Leads

People do not just search for your products and services, click your URL, and proceed to signing up or checking items out. Instead, they go through what is called a customer journey. First, they learn about your product or service. Then, they learn about why you are the service provider or business best suited for delivering solutions. Finally, if you convince them, they turn into customers—they buy the product or subscribe to the service.

For instance, suppose a local dentist wants to get more patients to sign up for his services through his website. To address his concerns, he might search on Google something like "small business marketing challenges," where he could come across an article we wrote talking about precisely that. As he reads the article, he learns about the typical challenges small business owners face when marketing their services or products online. When he finishes the article, he closes the tab and goes about his day.

A couple of weeks later, he tries out the advice in the post. He thinks of an ideal customer, meets with his employees, avoids unnecessary expenses, and more. The only thing he hasn't tried is optimizing his website. Perhaps the dentist does not know SEO or isn't very confident in writing. Or perhaps he can write but has no time for it. In any case, he would seriously consider signing up for our service because he sees how it can help him address a need.

Content Writing Fuels Other Channels

All types of modern marketing channels use some form of content. If you look at any brand's social media page today, you'll see them sharing videos, blog posts, and infographics. All of these need content writing. The same is true for email marketing; most newsletters contain the same information you will see in blog posts and videos.

Besides, content writing helps you attract future customers. today, people do not sign up for your tools or buy your products to learn how to use them. Instead, they sign up for your offerings because they are confident that they can use these. Articles can help you turn readers into customers. You can write about your offerings and educate people on how to use your products. Since they already know how to use your products or what to expect from your services, they will be more confident in testing these out. As a result, you acquire more informed customers and are more likely to retain them.

Content Writing Is A More Affordable Option

Content writing is a cost-effective way of getting more people to learn about your blog than other acquisition methods. Google ads can be pricey, whether you choose to pay based on cost-per-acquisition, cost-per-click, or cost per thousand impressions. Besides having three different models to choose from, using paid ads requires specialized knowledge, and it has a learning curve. If you don't know how to maximize paid ads, you might spend more money than you need.

Getting Started With Content Writing

If you're convinced that you need a content writing plan for your business, here are four things that could help you when you're starting.

Be Sure You Know Your Target Audience

One of the most common mistakes in content marketing is that business owners and marketers don't always have a clear idea of who they want to approach. If you are hazy on the type of person you want to speak to, you won't know how to write for them. It is why creating a buyer persona is essential. When you have a persona or ideal reader, you know how to frame your topics, what points to cover, and how to present your products or services in a way that would convince them to check these out.

Know What People Want To Read

You won't get your content to rank highly in search results pages overnight. First, you need to find the topics people want to know about, ones that they search. Brainstorming subjects relevant to your niche will help you start. Use 'seed' keywords or popular words in your field to find potential keywords for which you can create articles.

Be Consistent In Producing Output

If you don't publish, there is nothing for Google to rank. Maintaining a blog is a long-term commitment, and this is where most SME owners fail. They find it easy to start a blog, but they run out of ideas fairly quickly. Avoid losing steam by having a content calendar for your posts, which would help you stick to a posting schedule.

Promote Your Articles Online

People will not discover your content if you do not talk about it. Thousands of articles are published every day, and people will not know to read your content if you don't tell them about it. If your company has social media pages, link your articles to them and write a short caption on why your followers should check out your new posts.


Content writing is a long term investment. Though you won't see results right away, it can have a significant impact on your business. As long as you commit yourself to a content calendar and promote your posts on your social media pages, you are bound to see steady traffic to your website. You can also make things easier for you by hiring content writing experts to produce your blog for you.

Hone in on what makes your company unique and get people interested in your offerings when you team up with Ranked. Our affordable, data-driven SEO solutions help businesses connect with their audience and provide value to prospective customers. Contact our team or activate your account today!