We Don't Write Content With AI (ChatGPT, etc)

August 2023 update: OpenAI has stopped authenticating content for GPT-3 & 4. We recommend using OriginalityAI. Please note though that we can't control false positives, we hope that there's an offiicial checker out again in the coming months.


At Ranked, we strictly follow Google's guidelines. We have in-house writers, editors and researchers. We do use productivity tools, but we don't generate articles with AI.

We expect there to be algorithm updates in the future that will deindex AI-generated articles, this happened when GPT-2 came out a few years ago. Please be careful with this technology.

We invest heavily in our content team. We value them greatly! This will be incredibly important over the next year as Google and Bing release their conversational AI search engines.

To be clear, AI is still the future, and we use it to streamline our keyword research, optimization, content and outreach strategies. But for creative content, it's too risky from a compliance standpoint, and inconsistent from a factual standpoint.

Harry Strick
Founder & CEO

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