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Here’s what you should know about our blog content structure.

  • The average word count is 700 to 1100 words per.
  • We structure our blogs for intent and engagement.
  • We fact check, plagiarism check and AI bot check our work before sending it to you.
  • It’s written in-house by talented writers, along with help from our researchers and editors.

Let’s go over the specifics.

Word Count

For most businesses, 700 to 1100 words per article is enough to drive engagement and deliver a great user experience. We focus on intent driven topics that link back to your primary pages, which are optimized for your target keywords. The key metrics to focus on are your click through rate, bounce rate and average user time.

If you need a higher word count to see results, we will let you know proactively. If you'd like a higher word count, message us to let us know.

Blog Structure

Some SEO companies will structure content for specific keywords to artificially rank your site, we don’t do that.

Genuine SEO is about delivering helpful content. Because of this, we structure our work for intent driven topics that have a high CTR and deliver a great user experience. This is also important for backlink acquisition, as we ask publishers what kind of content they want to refer to, get it written and then published on your site.  

If you have any custom preferences for the structure of our content, please let us know here.


Our content is made to be published on your blog section. We can handle this for you. You can either approve our content in the request center each week or let us know if we are good to publish automatically without your approval.

Revisions & Feedback

We make revisions and feedback easy. In the request center, you're able to request a revision. We get them processed within one to two working days.

Harry Strick
Founder & CEO

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