On-Page Optimization

Here’s what you should know about our optimization process.

  • We prefer to handle it for you, but we can put it into a document for you to do if you'd like.
  • We don't touch any page copy or branding without your approval.
  • We structure our optimization to deliver a great user experience.
  • Everything is handled by us. Both technical and on-page SEO.

Let’s go over the specifics.


When you start your free trial with Ranked, you'll see a site auditor in your dashboard. This shows all the technical and SEO issues with your site. When the scan is complete, we'll let you know and will begin our planning to get this all fixed for you.

It's important to note that you might have issues showing that aren't valid. This can be due to plugins (if you're a WordPress site), or if your website builder has any custom settings. We'll let you know if something shows as an issue, but isn't.

We will also audit your Google Business Profile, if you're a local business. Optimization for this though is usually quite quick and is done in a day.

What We Cover

We handle the entire optimization process for you, top to bottom. This includes:

  • Meta Titles, Descriptions & Schema Markup
  • Alt Attributes, Image Optimization & Corrections
  • Web Core Vital & Page Experience Optimization
  • File Size Optimization & JS/CSS Minimization (when applicable)
  • Header & Title Tag Optimization
  • Sitemap Formatting & Installation
  • Robots.txt Optimization
  • Any Technical Issues That Affect Your Rankings
  • Google Business Profile Optimization

You'll get a comparison report from us when everything is complete.


We aim to get everything optimized within the first month. This is contingent on us getting editor access to your site when we request it. If your site is larger than 100 pages, we might need an extra few weeks to fix everything. So please be considerate if you have a large site! :)

Optimization is a recurring task. The bulk of issues are fixed in the first month, with recurring revisions on our work in the months after.

Harry Strick
Founder & CEO

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