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Please note: We only acquire link placements (backlinks) from English sites. We cannot do multi-language outreach (e.g. you are in Thailand serving foreigners, but there are no English sites in Thailand).

Here’s what you should know about our backlink acquisition process.

  • It's 100% white-hat. We don't own any sites or pay anyone for backlinks.
  • We focus on local links (if you're a local business) or niche relevant (if you're nationwide/online).
  • We acquire links via link placements in active content. This is how many PR agencies work.
  • The link placement refers back to our weekly blog content. This is why helpful content is important.

Let’s go over the specifics.


Our outreach process does not work if you aren't publishing our content or optimizing your site. This is why we don't offer backlink only solutions. The truth is, if you are being compliant with Google's guidelines, you can't buy links or do them singularly. Any provider that does is either buying them via an artificial network of sites, or owns a network of sites. In the SEO industry, we call this a PBN (Private Blog Network).

We don't do that and are heavily against it.

At Ranked, we contact media sites that are either local to you or niche relevant to acquire link placements in active content. Publishers need to keep their content fresh with new references and updated information. This is where our weekly content comes in.

By providing informative, helpful content to link to, it benefits the publishers site and yours. We've built a name for ourselves over the years as a reliable provider for content to link back to, which allows us to acquire backlinks for you consistently.

The Pros

There are many benefits to this process:

  • It's compliant with Google's Terms of Service, you won't get penalized.
  • It's an asset that stays there, it doesn't get removed.
  • It's a do-follow link, which benefits your SEO.
  • The referring traffic is intent-driven and high-quality.
  • It helps you rank much faster and for longer compared to PBN's.

The Cons

There are a few negatives to this process, depending on your view:

  • It's not instant, they take 2-3 months to consistently come through.
  • You're not going to acquire 1000's (you don't need 1000's, some people want that though!).
  • You'll need to let us publish our content and optimize your site on time.


The more content we publish, the more outreach we can do for you.

  • Standard acquires 3 to 4 links per month.
  • Plus acquires 6 to 8.
  • Enterprise 12 to 16.

Starting month 2 or 3. We aim for them to go live as soon as possible, but this does depend on external publishers updating their content, their schedule, etc.

When they are live, we report it right away to you.

If you're looking for a genuine backlink solution, we are a good fit. If you're looking to artificially boost your site with a network of fake links, we are not a good fit.

Harry Strick
Founder & CEO

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