What to Expect Month One, Two & Three.

Ranked is a service that has incredibly transparent deliverables. Why? Because SEO is about consistency.

We structure our work into three core areas:

1 - Weekly Blog Content

2 - On-Page Optimization

3 - Custom Outreach

Month One

During the first month, we schedule our weekly content for the same day each week and send over for your approval. When approved, we can get it published for you on your blog. You can also set it to auto approve, which means we publish automatically each week without your approval.

We then get your site fully optimized in the first month. Everything technical and SEO related is fixed by us and then rescanned for a comparison report. This will be available on your dashboard.

Lastly, we start our custom outreach to acquire backlinks either local to you (if you are a local business), or niche relevant (if you're nationwide, or an online business). We focus on link placements in active content. This is similar to hiring a PR agency. Most of the time, this links back to the weekly content we publish on your site.

We don't pay anyone for backlinks or own any artificial backlink networks. This is extremely important to understand. The work we do lasts for the long-term. It doesn't get removed or damage your site.

You can expect our content, optimization and outreach links to index on Google in month two.

Month Two

We've now fixed up your site, have our content live and have our outreach process ongoing. This is when you should expect some progress on your rankings and organic traffic. Usually, the first month's work won't have much impact on your rankings, good or bad. Google takes a few weeks to index new work.

We continue with our weekly content, tweak our optimization based on how your site is indexing and continue our outreach.

Month Three

Expect significant ranking progress by the end of the third month if you're a local business, or if you're an online business, significant ranking and/or traffic growth. Generally, local businesses have a limited audience, so we focus on rankings locally. For online businesses, you have a larger target audience to rank for. Our content and outreach performs well, as it compounds in value each week.

You should expect our content to index well, our outreach links to start going live, and your site regularly optimized.

We set up reporting for you each month in the reports section of your dashboard.

Our work is meant to be consistent. This is what SEO is. Our goal is to be a long-term provider for SEO and to deliver a measurable ROI for clients through genuine work output.

Have any questions? Please reach out to us.


You'll have an optimized site, a ton of human written content and genuine backlinks. This = rankings. :)

Harry Strick
Founder & CEO

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