Our Service Overview

Ranked has a very clear service structure, we focus on what Google wants. That’s it.

  • Weekly Blog Content
  • On-Page Optimization
  • High-Quality Backlinks

Let’s go over each part.

Weekly Blog Content

We hire in-house creative talent to deliver human written, engaging blog articles that index on intent driven search terms. This is extremely important for building a base for rankings. We send over our articles weekly and can upload it to your blog when approved. We can also publish automatically without approval, if you’d prefer.

If you have any content preferences, guidelines or topics that you’d like us to follow, you can let us know in the request center. For more detailed guidelines on our content process, please see here.

On-Page Optimization

We handle everything technical and on-page for you. We’ll scan your site when you sign up, show you what issues there are and then fix them up within the first month. We then rescan for a comparison report, so that there’s a clear before and after on what has been done.

If you’d prefer for us to send you a document for you to implement rather than us optimizing your site, please let us know.

We don’t touch any page copy or branding without your approval. SEO is about user experience, uniqueness and structure. It’s not about keyword placements in every header, etc. We are very careful with your site.

For more detailed guidelines on our optimization process, please see here.

High-Quality Backlinks

This is an incredibly important part of SEO. But, you can only do it successfully if you have unique content and an optimized site.

Many SEO companies own their own network of blog sites and sell per link. We don’t do that.

At Ranked, we do custom outreach to media sites either local to you if you are a local business, or industry relevant if you are an online business, to acquire link placements in active content. This is similar to a PR outreach service, but structured for SEO.

This is the only way to do compliant, genuine backlink acquisition. It’s important to note that we don’t guarantee links, own any networks or do anything against Google’s terms of service.

Our outreach links take some time to acquire, they will normally go live month two & three. It’s a continuous process on our end. We focus on only the highest quality links possible for our clients. They are worth their weight in gold when you acquire them.

For more detailed guidelines on our backlink process, please see here.

Clear Reporting

We provide you with a dashboard that tracks your rankings, site health and backlinks daily. This is very detailed and customizable. It’s great for people that like to see everything that is going on.

If you prefer to have things simpler, we provide a monthly PDF report with a summary of everything at the end of each calendar month. If you need anything custom added to your reports, please let us know.

For more detailed guidelines on our dashboard and reporting, please see here.

Harry Strick
Founder & CEO

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